Servebolt Terms of Service

Version 2.1, last revision March 30 2021

1. About this Service Level Agreement

1.1 All terms capitalized in this SLA, if not otherwise explicitly defined herein or evident in the context, shall have the same meaning as given to them in the Servebolt’s Terms of Use. 

1.2 The terms set out herein apply to all use of the Servebolt Services, unless otherwise explicitly set out herein, in the Terms or in specific terms related to specific Services or Service plans. This SLA is not applicable for any Free Trials or Beta Services. 

1.3 Servebolt’s Clients depend on stability and integrity with respect to access to the Services, and the stability of the Services is a key priority for Servebolt in all operations, such that the Client’s applications/content are allowed to run. This SLA describes what expectations our Clients can have with respect to availability of the Services and error correction in the event of disruption of any Services and other support requests. 

2. Scope

2.1 Even though Servebolt cannot guarantee that the Services will be performed error-free or uninterrupted, or that Servebolt will be able to remedy errors or defects that occur in the Services, Servebolt will use reasonable efforts to ensure that all Clients have continued and reliable access to the Services. Consequently, Servebolt will respond to the Client’s service inquiries in accordance with the service levels and routines as described in this SLA. 

2.2 The application of this SLA shall be limited to power, network and hosting stack operations performed by Servebolt. It does not apply to operations of the applications installed on the subscribed hosting plan or which are otherwise included in the Service (e.g. WordPress, Magento or similar). The Client shall be solely responsible for, and Servebolt shall not be liable for, any downtime or unavailability that are results of application errors. 

2.3 Servebolt undertakes to establish and maintain a service organisation available to assist the Client in a timely and professional manner in the event of unavailability and other errors to the Services.

3. Network and Power

3.1 Servebolt’s high availability infrastructure is designed for continuous operations, and Servebolt strives to ensure  continuous uptime for its network and power services. 

3.2 The above notwithstanding, certain situations and circumstances outside of Servebolt’s control may lead to downtime of network and power, such as: 

  • Scheduled Network Maintenance: Network maintenance will be required from time to time. Servebolt will take every reasonable measure to minimize and avoid downtime during such maintenance, but cannot guarantee that it can be avoided. 
  • Hardware Maintenance: On rare occasions, server or network hardware may require maintenance or replacement. Servebolt will take every reasonable measure to minimize and avoid downtime during such maintenance, but cannot guarantee that it can be avoided. 
  • Software Maintenance: Software and security upgrades of server and network software is crucial for security, reliability and stability. Any hosting will require occasional software updates or patches. Normally, little or no downtime will occur during these situations. However, in the event that Servebolt is required to reboot its equipment, downtime is expected to occur. In such events, downtime is normally limited to last for a few minutes. Servebolt will strive to inform Clients about such updates and risk of downtime prior to maintenance. 
  • Malicious Attacks: In the event that a third party attacks Servebolt’s infrastructure which causes a ‘Denial of Service’ or similar disabling attacks against your host, or other related parts of Servebolt’s network, we will work with our third party network providers to mitigate such attacks as soon as reasonably possible. Due to the nature of such attacks, we cannot guarantee anything with respect to resolution time.
  • Legal Actions: In the event that legal actions are taken against a Servebolt Client and Servebolt is required to act in accordance with any orders related thereto, Servebolt shall not be responsible for any losses or damages resulting from such actions under this SLA.

Any downtime incurred as a result of the above mentioned reasons shall not be eligible for any reimbursement or other remedies or claims under this SLA or the Terms.

4. Service availability, uptime guarantee and exclusions – Services

4.1 Servebolt offers several service levels for the Service. The service levels and available terms, remedies and cost of the service levels (the “Service Levels”), are as follows:

Service Level




Uptime guarantee




Monthly cost


1490 NOK/SEK
149 EUR
179 USD

3490 NOK/SEK
359 EUR
399 USD

Reimbursement with uptime
< 99,9%



25% of monthly cost for affected Services

Reimbursement with uptime


25% of monthly cost for affected Services

35% of monthly cost for affected Services

Reimbursement with uptime
< 99,7%

None for standard plans, 25% of monthly cost for dedicated services

35% of monthly cost for affected Services

50% of monthly cost for affected Services

Maintenance window





he Standard Maintenance Window starts at 23:00 and ends at 08:00 in the time zone of the server/network.

The Nightly Maintenance Window starts at 01:00 and ends at 06:00 in the time zone of the server/network.

5. Monitoring

5.1 Servebolt monitors servers and hosting stacks for service disruptions on a 24/7/365 basis, and continuously logs data from an external network monitoring service. Servebolt’s IT Operations team normally receives notice of unavailability within 2 minutes. 

5.2 Servebolt publishes uptime information for shared services on

6. Other SLA Exclusions

6.1 In addition to other exclusions set out herein or in the Terms, Servebolt shall not be responsible for any failure to meet any obligation under this SLA in any of the following situations: 

  • Where the failure results is caused by such circumstances as set out in clause 3 above. 
  • Where the failure is caused by planned maintenance. Planned maintenance is maintenance of which notice has been given in advance to the Client by Servebolt. Usually Servebolt will endeavour to give notice in writing within reasonable time before planned maintenance, but this may not always be possible in cases of emergency or upstream vendor maintenance.
  • Where the failure is caused by the Client, through either a failure to comply with the Client obligations in this SLA or the Terms or a failure of applications, content, equipment or utilities supplied or controlled by the Client, or through a failure to follow the requisite reporting obligations.
  • Where the failure is caused or extended by a failure by the Client to fully assist Servebolt in fault correction (for example where a designated Client contact is unreachable using the agreed contact details).
  • Where the failure is caused by any other circumstances that are beyond Servebolt’s reasonable control.

7. Instability Notices

7.1 In the event where a Client application hosted on Servebolt causes or may cause unavailability or downtime, Servebolt will normally endeavour to issue an instability notice. If an instability notice has been issued, the Client is required to act accordingly and mitigate any risks related thereto, and to prevent any downtime. If an instability notice has been issued and downtime occurs, the Client will not be eligible for reimbursement under terms of this SLA.

8. Reimbursement

8.1 In the event that Servebolt does not meet the requirements set out in this SLA, the Client is eligible to request compensation for downtime. Servebolt will reimburse the Client according to the agreed Service Level for the current month in question. 

8.2 To be eligible for reimbursement, the Client is required to file a reimbursement request within 5 business days after the relevant event has occurred to [email protected] The uptime will be calculated at the end of the period based on data from Servebolt’s network external uptime monitoring services.

9. Reporting and Response Times

9.1 Servebolt endeavours to respond to the Client’s reporting on service level events according to the following response times:


Service Level

Initial Response





24 hours

12 hours

1 hour


8 hours

6 hours

15 minutes




15 minutes

9.2 The above response times are applicable during normal business hours (0800 to 2200 CET) and outside of holidays, during which responses will be initiated as soon as possible. 

9.3 The Client shall always report critical errors and serious failures relevant for Servebolt’s obligations under this SLA so that the Client obtains confirmation that the relevant issue is being investigated by Servebolt. The Client shall endeavour to make clear and evident descriptions of the situation and should thoroughly explain the behaviour of the relevant event and its consequences for the use of the relevant Service. 

9.4 Prior to contacting Servebolt regarding any problems, the Client shall investigate for service level related updates on In any events resulting in more than 15 minutes of downtime, Servebolt will post status updates to

9.5 In the event that any service disruption or unavailability is not listed on, the Client should contact the Servebolt service desk. The service desk is available through: 

10 Additional Services Provided by Servebolt

10.1 Additional assistance by Servebolt relating to the use of the Services is only provided as a payable service under this SLA. This also includes requests for information or user assistance or training that is not the result of a malfunction or error under Servebolt’s responsibility. In the event that no specific agreement has been established, any and all services requested by the Client will be provided on a time and material basis at Servebolt’s at all times applicable rates.

10.2 Service requests under this section shall be made to the Servebolt service desk via chat or email: [email protected]

11. Term and Termination

11.1 This SLA shall remain in force for the full term of the agreement under which the Client is granted access to the Services and lapses upon the expiry of such agreement.

12. Governing Law

12. 1 This SLA is governed by the substantive laws of Norway and any and all disputes related to the SLA are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Oslo tingrett (municipal court).


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